Beyond Recovery to Discipleship

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Since 1981, over 3000 men and women have experienced healing through the Christian communities established by Wagner Hills Farm Society. Many of these men and women are now serving others in our society who are still stuck in harmful addiction.
In 1981, a group of caring Christians, including Wes Wagner, invited Helmut & Linda Boehm and their family to move from Alberta to a 45 acre farm located in NE Langley. The purpose of their ministry was to serve hurting and lost people living in the urban core and offer them a healing Christian community. In 2011, Wagner Hills Farm will have been operating for over 30 years and is still to this day fulfilling its purpose.

  • Helmut drove daily into Vancouver and brings back men to help around the farm
  • A tent is set up for accommodations as many of the men want to stay on the farm

  • A Residence is built to accommodate the men who wish to be part of the ministry
  • A daily work program is implemented, along with devotions

  • A board of directors is set up as Wagner Hills becomes a society
  • Residents add a sharing component their daily program

  • Volunteer support greatly helps with the ministry
  • More residents coming out each year
  • Facilities increase to include additional residences, barns, offices, greenhouses, a water reservoir
  • Wagner Hills gains charitable status

  • Ruben Dietrich joins the team
  • A worship and prayer team ministry is added to the daily program

  • The New Life Centre (NLC) is completed (includes dining hall, kitchen, offices, classroom)
  • Additional residences are added to accommodate the increase demand

  • "Beyond Recovery to Discipleship" becomes our motto
  • Journaling is incorporated into the program
  • A Non-Smoking policy implemented

  • Building project started to add additional residences
  • Daughter ministry started in Ft. St John( SCARS)
  • Started reaching out to help the greater church community of BC and Alberta with its service to people dealing with addictions
  • Held the first AOA, Assault on Addictions, event
  • Started offering off site services (tent rentals, trades services) to raise funds and awareness of the WHF

  • Program continues to grow with great success and results!
  • Residences completed, bringing total residences for residents to 5
  • 1st annual golf tournament held in 2007

  • Woman’s Ministry is established, Campbell Valley House of Hope
  • Lease for the farm was approved until 2030
  • Plans underway to double the number of residents from 50-119