Kris Sledding - Chairman

Kris Sledding is the husband to Rachel and father to Cassie and Ethan. Kris is a 12-year municipal police officer with a rich history of experience in the church community at all levels including pastoral service and board involvement. Kris has been directly involved as a board member with Wagner Hills since 2013), when he was introduced to the "Farmily" through Jason, who was just starting out in his role as Executive Director. Over the years, the experience of being proactively involved in Gods restoration of broken lives-rather then caught up in the reactive, fruitless human cycle of judicial system failure and moral emptiness that plague our society in a growing way-continues to provide Kris with a strong sense of fulfillment and purpose.


Dan Ashton

Employer: Self Employed mortgage and real estate broker

Pastor Curtis Boehm

Employer: Lutheran Church Canada

Allen Schellenberg

Employer: Lutheran Church Canada Financial Ministries

Kim Ironmonger - Treasurer

Employer: Northcrest Community Care

Lanson Foster

Lanstone Homes Ltd.

Intake Acknowledgment

In order to maintain the highest degree of safety and respect for our residents, we have well-defined rules and guidelines. Potential clients must understand that violating any of the following guidelines may result in immediate discharge and prevention from future enrollment in the program. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the program if potential clients can not or refuse to adhere to the set rules and guidelines.

  • The use/and or possession of cigarettes, pornography and drugs, including alcohol, is strictly prohibited.
  • Threats or acts of violence against fellow residents and/or Wagner Hills employees are strictly prohibited.
  • Residents must medically be able to participate in the program both physically and mentally. The program requires one to be emotionally able to participate in counselling sessions, group sharing, and worship, and be committed to making healthy life changes.