Over the last 5 years Centra has fundraised and donated over $500,000 to local charities. Every year our employees nominate charities and causes in need of our support. Centra reaches out to these organizations in many ways including financial donations and supplying and installing windows, doors and siding to those organizations in need.

Help us by Month End!

Wagner Hills loves Centra Windows and Centra has been cheering us on for years. As I sit and write this, I look through windows they donated to us years ago, we are thankful.

Centra had a great event in June; the Centra Cares Golf Tournament, proceeds from that tournament helping local charities. This year we are one of the recipients, Centra is giving us $100,000 by the end of July!

They have encouraged us to match this by raising $100,000, we are just at the $75K mark at the time of this writing, July 16th .... 15 days to go.

Please help us reach our goal! Donate today!

Call or text me at 778.858.9130 if you’ve got any questions.

Jason Roberts  |  Executive Director

Intake Acknowledgment

In order to maintain the highest degree of safety and respect for our residents, we have well-defined rules and guidelines. Potential clients must understand that violating any of the following guidelines may result in immediate discharge and prevention from future enrollment in the program. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the program if potential clients can not or refuse to adhere to the set rules and guidelines.

  • The use/and or possession of cigarettes, pornography and drugs, including alcohol, is strictly prohibited.
  • Threats or acts of violence against fellow residents and/or Wagner Hills employees are strictly prohibited.
  • Residents must medically be able to participate in the program both physically and mentally. The program requires one to be emotionally able to participate in counselling sessions, group sharing, and worship, and be committed to making healthy life changes.